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A Future Built On Experiential Learning

Our students learn by doing and this is why they become highly sought after Product Managers who take initiative, manage stakeholders, embrace ambiguity and think big.


All Master of Science in Product Management students at Carnegie Mellon University gain real-world experience through capstone projects and internships that build upon the technical and leadership skills you learn in class. You’ll work with top companies on cutting-edge products, learn to handle diverse teams and build industry connections that set you apart and prepare you for technology’s most competitive product management roles.


Each spring, companies like PayPal, Grubhub, Cisco and Home Depot recruit our students for internships. You’ll gain on-the-job experience with corporate employers as you work with product teams, build relationships with mentors and apply the skills you learn in class. Many of our students receive full-time return offers from their internships.


Solve real product problems for top companies. As a consultant to businesses across healthcare, retail, software and more, you’ll assess and identify solutions in a number of categories and explore new technology applications to help companies take their products to the next level.

  • Simplify software product pricing
  • Measure patient outcomes to better serve clinical practice
  • Explore Mixed Reality Platforms in the education sector
  • Take businesses beyond traditional brick and mortar locations
  • Applications of predictive analytics AI products in healthcare
  • Unlock sales to large (Fortune 100) government contractors

Product Careers Launched


Our internships and capstone projects allow MSPM students to come in direct contact with some of the world’s top brands. You’ll graduate with hands-on experience and industry connections that guide your career to new heights.

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