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Let's Build Better Product Managers

Ours is the first-of-its-kind degree program focused exclusively on building the next generation of product managers, but we’re not doing it alone – we’ve got help from some of the world’s top brands. If you’d like to join them in growing your product management team, or re-tooling some of the talent you’ve already got, let’s talk.

Be in Great Company

From internships to capstones to hiring – as a corporate partner you’ll be helping our students accelerate their careers, and you’ll have the opportunity to know them before your competitors do.

  • Internship Partners:, Cisco, Dick's Sporting Goods, GrubHub, The Home Depot, NetApp, PayPal, Samsung
  • Capstone Partners: Boeing HorizonX, Microsoft, Numo, NetApp, Pendo, Sheetz, UPMC, Vertex
  • Hired Partners:, Dick's Sporting Goods, Expedia, Facebook, The Home Depot, PayPal, Tradewind, WalMart Labs
"The world will be run by product managers – they are the modern day businessmen and women.”

Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer @

Three Ways You Can Get Involved

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Ready to partner? Please provide your contact information and tell us how you’d like to get involved.

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